Bharatanatyam for Beginners-Shubha Dhananjay

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Shubha Dhananjay

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Shubha Dhananjay Bio

Smt. Shubha Dhananjay - One of the leading Bharathanatyam dancers of our state is a versatile artiste combining the skills of a Performer, Guru, Choreographer and an Organizer. As a frequent performer at various prestigious platforms in and across the country with Classical recitals and Dance Ballets, Shubha is known for her Innovative blending of choreography in traditional and contemporary styles through her Ballets like Amrutha Mathana, Narakasura Vadhe, Kanmani Krishna, Hari Hara Milana-Ayyappa Janana, Swathanthrya Sambhrama, Radha-Madhava, Belli Chukki-Kittura Rani Chennamma, Sri Srinivasa Kalyana, Mysura Huli - Tipu Sultan, Devi , Ashtalakshmi and many more. As a cultural ambassador of the rich traditional dance forms of the country, Smt Shubha has widely traveled across the globe to perform at International Festivals at The United States of America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Maldives, Nepal, Iraq, China and Malaysia . She, along with daughter Maya, was invited to perform at AKKA 2010 at the US and at the International Festival at Jinan, China during Oct/11 and recently at Chengdu during July/2014. ‘Belli gejje’ - The National Dance Festival which was held during 2004 to mark 25 years of the ‘Dancing life of Shubha’, was highly acclaimed as one of the ‘Best Cultural Event’ of the year. 'Natyantharanga' - Shubha Dhananjay has been the Director of 'Natyantharanga' - Institute of Indian classical dances since 1987 and in the year 2006, she also founded 'KARANA', which offers training in Art forms of Vocal music, Instrumental music and Yoga apart from Classical Dances. Here, the students get rigorous training in their respective Art forms with a systematic approach towards perfection, yet in the ambiance of a Gurukula system. Students and teachers from abroad visit her annually for intensive training sessions. ‘NRITHYA BHARATH’ – The Five day National Festival to mark the 25 years of ‘Natyantharanga’ during 2012 was an event which hosted Artistes of great caliber from across the country. Shubha Dhananjay’s performances and Interviews for the small screen have been telecast on almost all the Television Channels and her Lecture-Demonstrations have been documented at various Institutions. ‘Natya Madhuri’ - A Program dedicated to classical dances has been conceptualized, directed and hosted by Shubha which is being telecast on Sri Sankara TV since six years. Guru Shubha Dhananjay has successfully created Magical choreographies with more than 550 dancers to perform at Chinnaswamy Stadium during Suvarna Karnataka and during Dasara 2014 at Banni Mantapa Grounds. Shubha served as the Cultural Ambassador at BALI, Indonesia. Recipient of many Awards and Titles, Smt. Shubha has bagged the prestigious FCHS Fellowship Award from Montreal University, Canada., Gnana Saraswathi from Gnana Mandara Academy, Nrithya Saraswathi, Ugadi Puraskara from Karnataka-Andhra Lalitkala Academy, Nrithya Shivali at Mumbai, Karnataka Jyothi, Aryabhata, Dr.Puttaraja Gawai Krupa Bhushana Award, Gunanidhi from Gunagrahi, Vishwa Manya Kannadiga, Samajarathna, Ideal Teacher Award, Bengaluru Youth Award, Sri Kempegowda Award, Nrithya Nipuna from Karnataka Nrithyakala Parishath, National Youth Award at Chennai and Lucknow, Natyarani Shanthala Award and many more. Humanitarian Services - As a service to the society, Shubha picks up talents from rural areas, trains them free of cost and encourages them to continue in the field where they can pass on the tradition to a few more hundreds, thereby contributing to the continuity of our Art in rural areas also. To bring in harmony of Culture, Shubha widely travels giving Lectures and Demonstrations at Schools, Colleges and for various Govt Institutions like CCRT where the Teachers’ trainers are enlightened about the subject. Smt. Shubha Dhananjay believes that through her performance, she shares the utmost spiritual essence of the classical dance with her audience and also keeps in touch with the hopes of tomorrow by training aspiring dancers as a commitment to preserve our Rich Cultural & Artistic Heritage of India

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This beginner course will teach you adavus like Jaradavu, Kattari adavu, Mandi adavu, Muktaya adavu, Rangakramana adavu, Kuditta adavu etc


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